Oldest bulletin on file:  March 9, 1952             Wade D. Yount, Pastor                      only 2 bulletins from 1952, none from 1953
Common Service Book & Hymnal in use;   No pianist or acolyte listed, but council minutes refer to Max Yount as pianist
2/14/54    Septuagesima Sunday-Parsonage Dedication- Dr. Conrad, Synod President John L. Morgan, PastorTel. Newton:1228-R2
4/18/54: “THE NAMES OF THE CHILDREN RECEIVING INFANT BAPTISM on last Sunday are as follows:  Alice Lou Ann Baker; Richard Earl Hoke; Vanessa Lea Hoke; Carolyn Sue Hoyle; Thomas Ray Hoyle; Randy Gene Speagle; James Franklyn Weaver.  ADULT BAPTISM:  Annice Patricia Hoke.”
4/25/54:  LUTHER LEAGUERS WILL MEET AT THE CHURCH this evening at 7:15.  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that our young people have the training and fellowship the Luther League affords. The young people will be interested and present if parents and older people are not careless.  Here is the Church of tomorrow.
6/20/54:  TOTAL ENROLLMENT in Vacation Bible School was 139.  We had five volunteer teachers and helpers.  Expenses for Literature : $13.79
7/18/54:  WE WILL LOOK FOR THE CHILDREN at the usual hour this evening (seven o’clock) for song and hymn training.  Those who are experienced with children’s work realize that the children are willing when parents COOPERATE
9/26/54: “SERVICE FOR YOUTH SUNDAY” Participants included Betty Jo Whitener, Mabel Jean Fulbright, Norma Jean    Whitener, Patricia Hoke-sermon, Ushers: Jo Ellen Weaver, Mabel Jean Fulbright, Carolyn Whisnant, Patricia Hoke
11/7/54:  A BEAUTIFUL AND TOUCHING BAPTISMAL SERVICE was held in the church last Sunday of 14 children (SEE PHOTO IN FELLOWSHIP HALL)……. and also ten other children and one adult recently baptized….. When we think of these and all our other fine children crowded in those three little nooks in the back of the church SURELY we feel that God is calling to Sardis people not only to pray, but also to push, plan and prepare to take care of these and those to follow.
In 1954:  24 Children Baptisms, 1 Adult baptism, 3 Adult confirmations, 4 Adults joined by letter, 6 letters granted to    other churches 
1/16/55:  CONGREGATIONAL EXPENSES for 1954 were as follows:  Current expenses:  $2927,    Unusual expenses:  $1527,   Apportionment (“Covenant”):  $435,    Unapportioned Benevolence:  $616  TOTAL:  $5505 
BALANCE in Ch. Bld. Fund, end 1954:  $1199.83
6/19/55:  TWENTY-SEVEN YOUNG PEOPLE AND FIVE ADULTS present last Sunday evening for Hymn practice and        catechetical classes.  How encouraging it is to those who endeavor to lead to see such interest manifested by the children and their parents!
8/28/55:    ORDER FOR GROUND-BREAKING SERVICE  4 P.M.  See PHOTO in Fellowship Hall
In 1955:  9 Child Baptisms, 3 Adult baptisms, 8 Confirmations, 2 Adults by letter, 1 Adult transfer by letter
1/22/56:    BUDGET FOR 1956:  $7195.00
4/29/56:  IF THINGS GO WELL THIS WEEK OUR NEW CHURCH will not be far from being finished, so far as the building itself is concerned.  HOW THANKFUL!...Surely, it is enough to bring tears of joy and gladness!
6/10/56:  Last Sunday in the old church…LUTHER LEAGUERS raising money for new Common Service Books for the new church…Women of the church in charge of selling the gas heaters in old church…MUCH TO BE DONE BEFORE OPENING DAY!  drain tiles, remove old church, topsoil, bulldozing, gravel, floors mopped, chairs finished…
6/17/56:  THANKS! to the busy, faithful and determined men and boys, who in one week were successful in razing and removing the old church edifice……to the large group of our women who for the first time cleaned, dusted and arranged the new building.  Perhaps there is nothing that draws out the best in church members, causes them to know each other better than to get together and do things.
11/11/56:  CONGREGATONAL MEETING AFTER SERVICE TODAY, for the purpose of electing six ELDERS to serve for two years.
12/23/56:  THE LAST SUNDAY OF THE YEAR at two-thirty o’clock the pastor will be at the church to baptize any children or adults who may be present for that purpose.
In 1956:  8 Children baptisms, 2 Adult baptism, 6 Adults received by letter, 1 Adult by reclamation, 1 transfer, 3 losses by death
4/7/57:  PASSION SUNDAY (two weeks prior to Easter) HOLY COMMUNION for the second quarter-80 communed at 4 tables.
6/2/57:  THE MEN OF THE CHURCH AND THE WOMEN OF THE CHURCH will meet tonight…Men’s Topic:  “How much Propaganda Have you Swallowed?”…Women’s Topic:  “People Do Starve for Books:
7/7/57:  Homecoming … to celebrate one year in the new church. “Tables were loaded with the best of foods.”  Next Sunday’s bulletin comment
In 1957:   14 Children Baptisms, 2 Adult Baptism, 2 Adults received by letter, 5 Adults Confirmed, 2 Losses by death, 5 losses  certificate.   Vacation Bible School Enrollment: 152
3/2/58:  ARRANGEMENTS HAVE BEEN MADE whereby that Mr. Charlie Hoyle (Your future Pastor) will hold services at Sardis next Sunday and Rev. Morgan will hold services for the newly organized congregation near Dallas.
5/25/58:  THE FESTIVAL OF PENTECOST  Mr. Charlie Hoyle, Called Pastor (Ordained at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church June 8, 1958)
7/6/58:  INSTALLATION of Rev. Charlie Hoyle by the Rev. Ernest L. Misenheimer    PRELUDE by Mrs. Joe Wyant
Handwritten in bulletin:  “In 8 yrs    new parsonage   new church & furniture   Full time pastor”
8/10/58:  Betty Sue Fulbright has been the delegate from our Luther League to the State Convention which met on the    campus of Lenoir Rhyne College during the past three days.  The Convention theme was “Christ, the Church, and Race.”  Nine of our members attended the  Luther League banquet on Friday evening.
9/14/58:  new bulletin format listing Pastor:  Rev. Charlie Hoyle   Pianist:  Mrs. Joe Wyant    Acolyte:  Ben Fulbright
11/30/58:  Next Sunday the youth will lead our Worship.  In the November meeting of the Church Council, plans for the formation of a Youth Choir were approved and permission for that Choir to lead our Worship on the first Sunday  in each month was given.  Next Sunday will be the first Service lead by our Youth.  I am sure you are happy to see our young people taking such an active interest in the affairs of our Church.
Other Acolytes listed from remaining bulletins include J.D. Fulbright, John Fulbright, Alfred Whitener, Dennis Fulbright, Kermit Whisnant, Alvin White, Richard Hoke, Robert Clay, and David Fulbright.
6/14/59:   Service at Lutheridge in Arden, NC  Pianist:  Carolyn Whisnant  Acolyte:  Donald Fulbright  Anthem by Youth Choir
7/26/59:  Communion Service (held quarterly)              Calendar for Week:  FRIDAY 7:30-9:30  Youth Canteen-Parsonage basement

Bulletin Tidbits from the 1960s  (Few Bulletins available 1960-1963)
2/21/60:  Rev. Charlie Hoyle, Pastor                 Carolyn Whisnant, Pianist                  Attendance from last week:  155
Both ULCW (United Lutheran Church Women) will meet at the Church, the Lila Roof Circle and Miriam Deal Circle
3/27/60:  Intermediate League meets at the Parsonage
5/1/60:  Mr. Anderson has placed an organ in our Church for us to use and hear.  We are under no obligation to him, he wants us to see the beauty that is added to your Worship when an organ is used.  For your information, this instrument can be ours for $10 per communing member.
7/21/60:  An Organ Fund has been created by action of the Church Council.  Money is now being received into the fund.
10/30/60:  See you at the Reformation Rally.  2,000 other Lutherans are expected to be there too.  It will be a great day of thanksgiving for the re-discovery of the Holy Scriptures as the Christian’s guide.
2/26/61 (first bulletin for 1961 on file):  Pulpit vacant; Committee asks for prayers as they go out looking for a Pastor
8/6/61 (second bulletin for 1961 on file):  Rev. Lawrence Yount is new Pastor; Carolyn Truitt, pianist
Wedding Banns:  Miss Margaret Fulbright and Mr. Kenneth William purpose to enter into the holy estate of matrimony, according to God’s ordinance.  They desire that prayer be made for them, that they may enter into this union in the name of the Lord, and be prospered in it.  In anyone can show just cause why they may not be joined together, I exhort him to make known such objection before the day of marriage.
11/19/61:  Gale Speagle, Pianist; Service Book and Hymnal in use           Six councilmen were elected for a two year period:  Silas Fulbright, Dwight Gladden, N. D. Sigmon, Dick Hoke, Buster Bledsoe, and Scott Workman    (Only these 3 bulletins for 1961)
2/25/62:  Gale Speagle, Organist;   Meeting after service to vote on the organ
11/11/62:  A congregation meeting will be held next Sunday for the purpose of voting on my (Rev. Lawrence Yount) resignation and for the purpose of electing a pulpit committee.
Only two bulletins on file for 1962. 
Stay tuned to the June newsletter for 1963 – 1974.